The ReAAL Project

The potential benefits of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions are already clearly recognised, and societal trends indicate that they will be attractive to a large and increasing number of people. But uptake of such solutions has so far been limited. universAAL aims to reduce barriers to adoption and to promote the development and widespread uptake of innovative AAL solutions. It will benefit end-users (i.e. elderly people and people with disabilities, their carers and family members) by making new solutions affordable, simple to configure, personalise and deploy. It will benefit solution providers by making it easier and cheaper to create innovative new AAL services or adapt existing ones using a compositional approach based on existing components, services and external systems.

UniversAAL aims to produce an open platform that provides a standardized approach making it technically feasible and economically viable to develop AAL solutions. The platform will be produced by a mixture of new development and consolidation of state‐of‐the art results from existing initiatives.

Virtech and ReAAL

Virtech S.r.l. joined as an "Associated Vendor" that plan to offer "universAALized" applications and services in the context of the ReAAL piloting initiative in Puglia, Italy.

Our iHelp system has been created to be part of the wireless home automation system, contributed by the other partners. All the resulting system has been integrated to universAAL and offers complete solutions to help individuals in danger of losing independence to live better in their Ambient Assisted Living.

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